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Posted on: May 25, 2009


I forgot to post about it, but I uploaded a new YouTube video yesterday, I think you’ll like it. The song is honestly hillarious, take a look:

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Hey Guys!

I uploaded my new video today, tell me what you think!

Club Penguin – Britney Spears – If U Seek Amy

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Also, I got my membership back (YEY) so I don’t look like a freak anymore xD

Hi, I’m sure a lot of you have heard about this “swine flu” that’s going round, and about the 160 people it’s killed…. I just wanna say that if you’re scared about it, you aren’t alone. I’m totally freaking out about it, but I managed to find this on wikipedia:

symptoms of swine flu

This image gives a breif count on the symptoms of swine flu, I hope it helps.

MUAHAHAHAHA!! I finally got the ULTIMATE revenge on Warranty…. hehe….There’s no way that this sucker can get outta this!

Club Penguin – Katy Perry – Ur So Gay: For Warranty

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You’ve probably heard about me “banning” Warranty. Well F.Y.I. I didn’t.  He’s just being a jerk. Ignore him guys, he’s a liar, but I’m sorta worried now. He has my adress and stuff, so….


Have you ever thought about taking the quizzes to become a tour guide or PSA (Penguin Secret Agent)? If your penguin is old enough, and you’re interested in helping out around the island, you might want to consider the challenge… It’s going to be announced in the newspaper later this week that starting May 1st, penguins will get paid every month for doing those jobs!


I don’t want to give all the details away just yet (Aunt Arctic, the editor of the Club Penguin Times, will have an update soon), but let me say it’ll be worth your while. Let us know… What’s the first thing you’d do with extra coins every month? Do you like to spend or do you like to save?

Hi, just thought I’d remind you guys that I’m still in desperate need of a membership! If anybody could get me one, it’d be great. Also, I dunno if I mentioned it… But this is not a club penguin cheat site. It is only a site for updates on what’s happening on CP and for my videos. Lol, just thought I’d say xD


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